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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 21, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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well, despite many calls for peace the fighting continues in gaza, and the death toll is rising, secretary of state john kerry is expect to head to the middle east, in the coming days, steve? >> reporter: we're live in camden which has had a relatively crime free summer. they just had their first murder on friday and new a hit and run we're reporting on from saturday night, sue. steve, it was a respite from the humidity over the weekend but you know muggies are coming back, we will tell you when in your weather authority forecast. ♪ >> so, do you recognize that song being played outside keeping ton palace? it is the scene from the hit tv show getting the royal treatment, coming up later in the trend. all right. good morning. 5:01. monday july 21st, 2014. so good to have you with us. beautiful weekend. >> yes.
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>> got a lot done this weekend. not a bad monday, sue, maybe more humid. >> yes, by the end of the day you will notice a difference but it won't be stuffy, dramatic. we are saving that for tomorrow. in the meantime lets take a look at where we are right now in your weather by the the numbers. we're going with a eight out of ten. it will be nice. sunshine. seasonal temperatures. liberty more humid. you may have times of cloud cover today, with some winds blowing off the ocean giving us some moisture so 68 degrees in philadelphia right now, but it is a cool, comfortable 57 in the mountains, 62 in trenton, 63 degrees in wildwood. pretty nice morning. no rain to show you in our area on ultimate doppler. we will keep an eye on that system to the south to see how close the clouds and the rain get from that. for the the rest of the day future cast shows no rain to speak of, maybe a sprinkle or two up in the lehigh valley but since it is not too humid we will be okay, no chance of
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thunderstorms. 68 degrees today, 5:50 is our sunrise time, relative humidity 76 percent. phillies are back in town tonight. they will open up with the giant, this evening at 7:05. it should be 82 degrees for the first pitch and a pretty nice night at the ballpark. not excessively humid. we have the possibility of another heat wave this week and we will look back at last year when we had four of them and just finishing up a eight day heat wave on this date last year. we have had two so far this year but this may be the week but not today. 85 degrees is our high. a bit more humid this afternoon. not excessively so. 70 degrees. partly cloudy. a few areas of fog in the overnight hours. that will get you through monday, seven day forecast is coming up, hi, kacie. >> thanks very much, sue. westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike fort washington to norristown, right lane is block. heading eastbound norristown to fort washington left lane block. the just the opposite in both directions. taking a look at things
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clearing up there on the turnpike. so elsewhere, 50's on all of your majors, guys. >> 5:03. international focus, continuing on israel and gaza, as the violent conflict, worsens. fox 29's jennifer gist is following this developing story from the news room, jenny. >> that is right, kerry u.n. security council held an emergency session to discuss serious concerns about the rising civilian death toll in gaza. the group is demanding an immediate end to the fighting. yesterday we saw the first major ground battle in two weeks between israel and hamas. this video shows us the violence, that was shot overnight, dozens of people were killed yesterday, the the death toll for palestinians has now surpassed 400, about 20 israelis have been killed, the terrifying attacks have forced thousands of palestinian civilians to leave their neighborhood, groups all over the world are calling for peace in this region, israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu says the offensive will continue for as long as necessary to protect its citizens. >> hamas wants to kill civilians and on the israeli side and the amazing grotesque, gruesome fact is they want to have as many civilians killed on the palestinian side because it gets to you ask me these questions. of course, our goal, it is not to hurt a single individual. not to hurt a single civilian. what they are doggies a double war crime that should be condemned with the most forceful action. >> we have people come out of tunnels. you have a right to go in and take out those tunnels. we completely support. that we support israel's right to defend itself. >> secretary of state john kerry says that we cannot give into hamas, if we do it shows that we are rewarding terrorism. kerry is expect to head to the middle east in the coming days to help put a stop to some of this fighting, kerry and chris. >> jennifer, thank you. meanwhile international
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investigators say they won't go to the scene of the plane crash in ukraine until they are assured that there will be security. pro russian rebels say they are not restricting access, russian president putin is under increasing international scrutiny to reign in those rebels. those are the the folks accused of shooting this plane down. 298 people were killed, on that malaysia airlines jet. >> i don't know russia, america, who did it but that doesn't help us in anyway here. so all we know is we have a whole plane down on the ground over there and that is what we have to look at and all this shooting down of aircraft from the sky, i think whole world should be interested in putting that straight. >> european foreign ministers are scheduled to meet tomorrow to consider further sanctions on russia. time right now 5:06. camden police have identified a vehicle they believed was involve in the hit and run
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over the weekend. one man is in critical condition. steve keeley is live with the details on this for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: detectives here at headquarters here tell us that you can see what kind of vehicle but what you cannot see is license plate. that is why we're looking at the public's help. the first lets go to the scene. we shot this saturday night where the victim was knocked right out of his shoes when he was hit getting into his car that was parallel park here on north 27th street right here near high street just past 9:00 o'clock saturday night. the it happened in front of the maxwellness center an old grocery store that looked lit up and opened. police found a surveillance camera which you can see gave them this grain i black and white shot of the white van that hit the the man and took off in east camden, and police think that the white ford model van was last seen, driving near river avenue which is right on the engineer the delaware river up near petty's island and they say it is seen going down 27th toward river avenue and police
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figured it has damage to the front passenger side, the victim whom police have not publicly identified was still critical here as we come back to the live picture at coupe are hospital, coincidently, right across the street from police headquarters at last report, from police, last night, still critical, but at least still alive and hopefully, we will get get better and somehow still remember what happened and help police identify the van driver if they have in the done so by the time this guy improves. >> give them something to go on, steve, thanks very much. a heated family argument led to a deadly shooting in west philadelphia yesterday morning. john map was shot and killed, this is on the 5800 block of filbert street. police say his own brother, who is a paraplegic, pull the trigger. investigators say map was beating up his sister when map was shot by his brother who is confined to a wheelchair. map died a short time later at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. family members say that the brothers had fights before but nothing like this. >> just you grow up, you know, from the sand box you sit there and you hit me, you
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are the older brother, but not issues as to where it is like issues like that. >> so far no charges have been filed. depending on the circumstances police say it could be a case of self-defense. 5:09. later today we could learn identity of the person whose body was found in the northeast philadelphia creek. body found in the creek at penny pack park mere 3100 block of rhawn street, this was yesterday. it is that of the white male. investigators are trying to figure out if this discovery is connected to a missing teen. the minivan is gone, damage, however remains outside of a southwest philadelphia row home after the driver jumped the curve and slams that car right in the front porch. it happened yesterday morning at 65th and dicks. police say woman lost control after crashing into another car, debris was every where. and neighbor says that he is just grateful that kids weren't playing there.
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>> kids play around here but today was a pleasant day, they can go. >> minivan was towed away and the driver is the only one injured. the she's expected to be okay. the home that was hit is empty and l and i says it was not structurally damaged. several pennsylvania lawmakers are expressing concern about these pop up beer gardens around philadelphia. they include those on independence mall, which was packed friday night. spruce street harper park on penns landing. now a loop hole in state liquor laws allows licenses ease with catering permits to serve alcohol for private events at unlicensed locations. but now, some are getting multiple permits and they are using that to operate these beer garrens for weeks at a time. the liquor control board is reviewing that law. a large crowd turned out to help a little boy we introduced you to who is battling a very rare disease. >> henry north on has usher syndrome. due to his condition he was
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born deaf and is now going blind. the supporters turned out for second annual help henry sianni hear family event in medford, new jersey. it was interactive featuring helicopters, phillies fanatic and even captain america. >> people coming out to raise money for access, that is what we're all b everybody should be able to read something if it is in brail. everybody should be able to be safe, without curbs falling over, and everyone should have an interpreter to be able to sign. >> the the goal of the event was to raise 30 you this dollars to help find a cure. we will update you on how much they have raised, great event. we had a beautiful weekend to do it, sue which is the the good news there. >> and we are grateful for it. especially smack in the middle of july, having a break from humidity, that is a good thing. we have a good forecast for the beaches today. we had cloud cover over the weekend. we will see more sunshine today then we did over the the weekend. a few clouds here and there. temps in the mid 70's. easterly breeze at 10 miles an
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hour. 72 degrees is your ocean water temperature. low rip current risk. uv index is a eight. so we're watching this system to the south and high pressure system that is off to the north east of us, that is bringing in some clouds over the ocean, the circulation around the high and some clouds, bubbling up from the south as well, so we will have a few times of cloudiness but not as much as what we saw over weekend at the shore, the future cast doesn't even show a lot of clouds today but maybe up to the north a sprinkle or two. it is really tuesday but mostly wednesday that we will expect some rain and that is not until late in the day. so, wednesday we will clouds in the morning. we will get in the 90's by the afternoon. anytime after 5:00 o'clock with the approach of the cold front we will have thunderstorms moving through and they may continue through the overnight hours in, to thursday morning. that is our next chance have of some thunderstorms, you missed them, haven't you, not?
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68 degrees in philadelphia, right now, it is in the 50's to the north and lower 60's to the south. we are heading to 85 today. eighty-nine tomorrow. maybe 90 if we do 90, 90's, and 90's we will have another heat wave but it will be a close call tomorrow. 90 degrees possible on thursday, as well and then we will clear out and get rid of the humidity again briefly for friday and saturday, and then by sunday another chance of some storms. there is your seven day forecast. we are getting used to this weather, aren't we in miss kacie. >> that is right, not 90, triple 90 degrees three days in a row or thunderstorms we don't know what to do with ourselves. fifty's on all of the majors. don't worry about that. you have a few things to worry about construction on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike and westbound side norristown to fort washington. left and right lanes block depending on which side you are on. a slight
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lets take a look at your national headlines on this monday morning. cooler temperatures and lighter wind may help fire fighters battle wild fire in washington state. fire is still burning as you can see from this video but threat of evacuations and damage are dying down. that is the good news. massive fire has destroyed more than 100 homes. fire has been burning now since july 14th, so for a full week, when lightening strikes, fire crews are slowly getting things back to normal, after lighting some back burns. all right. it will cost to you fly.
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it is not airlines that are charging you more, higher airline security fees go into effect today. the fee is now $5.60 per flight with any connection longer than four hours, counting as a separate flight. the previous fee was $2.50 for non-stop flights and $5 for connect flights. tsa estimates the the hike will generate $16.9 billion. yesterday marked two years since movie theater shooting in colorado. >> residents in aurora gathering at a church in individual ceremonies to honor the lives of the victims. twelve people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a midnight movie. one young woman who survived that attack credits her boyfriend, for keeping her alive. >> he push my to my knees and said get down, stay down. i'm like stupid. then i looked up, why. and he pushed me down on to my belly and slid me under the seat and box me in and put his body on the other side of the seats. i was completely boxed in by
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him and he said there is a man in the movie theater shooting people and then he stop breathing. >> oh, boy. >> james holmes is charged in connection with the shooting rampage and his trial is scheduled for september. dozens are flock to go a small town in spring, florida where a massive sink hole swallowed an entire street. sink hole, more than 30 feet deep, and stretch's cross the entire area, neighbors say the gap actually grew over the weekend. one home owner was forced to evacuate as officials block off the surrounding area is there a contractor surveying damage today to see what can be done to prevent further damage. a hot air balloon crashed in massachusetts and passengers inside were hurt pretty badly. this is cell phone video of what happened saturday. witnesses say the balloon was trying to land in the residential community when it hit power lines and burst into flames. fifty-nine people on board were burns, the faa is now
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investigating. four people are dead following a plane crash in air zone, single engine plane crashed in faith canyon around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. officials say crash ignited a brush fire. the causes under investigation as well. 5:19. three couples were complete strangers until a florida happying nighted a special bond. fox's adrian a hopkins has more on a historic procedure that brought them all together. >> reporter: three separate families, now with the unique connection. >> it was a bond between us. unaudible. >> reporter: dale and his son, jonathan, maria mar oles and her husband omar figueroa and gabriel garcia, all meeting for the first time after a three way kidney exchange. >> i'm glad to know that we are pioneers of this type of exchange program. >> reporter: when 64 year-old dale hypertension and diabetes led to kidney failure his son
5:20 am
jonathan wanted to donate his kidney. he was not compatible. marry's kidneys did not filter blood and eventually failed. her husband not a match. and then her lupus causing kidney failure despite dialysis and her husband, didn't match either. so while they meet up with transplants their quality of life was not ideal. she missing so many time with her son. >> unaudible. >> now i'm going to be able to be part of his life, i will be part of his activities to see him grow. >> reporter: after a three way kidney swap these downers didn't match their loved ones but matched others. jonathan donate to go alana, omar donate to go dale and gabriel donate to go mary. >> i'm just so nervous, i want to see that second chance and seeing how young he is, he is only 22 years old. it is just wonderful. it is wonderful meeting him. i hepp we can have a long time
5:21 am
friendship. >> i'm looking forward to knowing them for the rest of my life. >> reporter: doctors performing this three way swap, first ever in florida, here at jackson memorial hospital. >> an opportunity not only for our community here in south florida but throughout the rest of the region. it is opening the doors for a lot of people that have been denied even they they have donors in other places. >> reporter: and then this trifecta three people giving life to three strangers. >> sometime there are not words to describe how you feel right now. i want to cry. >> it is 5:21. that was fox's adrian hopkins reporting. all of the surgeries were successful and prognosis for everybody involved is good. >> great news. lets do weather on the one's with sue serio, looking at our workweek weather. >> yeah, not a bad start to the week. we are keeping the weather
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going from the weekend at least for a little while. it is still comfortable outside this morning with a few clouds here and there but by the end of the afternoon you will notice it is more muggy. at least it will be better at the beach then it was over the weekend. for mid week heat and humidity will build. we have a possibility of heat wave number three, and also the chance of some thunderstorms but not until, probably wednesday, late in the day. that is your weather authority outlook, it is not bad weather, this morning kacie, but how are the roads. >> we have one accident, that is it, southbound side of 42 right around 544, in slow down in that stretch, construction that we need to get to, we will have that coming up next.
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in business news this morning wall street is again focusing on earnings despite concerns about ukraine and middle east. on friday, s and p500 added 20 points, dow jones rose 123, and nasdaq gained nearly 69 points. the three major indexes were remaining ahead for the year. general motors says there is still no fix for some recalled contacted licks where engines can be shut off if the
5:26 am
driver's knee bumps the ignition key. because of that gm ordered cadillac deal tours stop selling some of the versions of its cts model. gm spokesmen says engineers are looking at within common solution but they still don't have it just yet. so far gm has recalled nearly 15 million vehicles worldwide. maybe you are embarrassed about those netflix movies you have been watching? now company is testing a privacy medicine that will keep what you watch from showing up in your activity log. and the people who share your account, cannot see your guilty pleasure either. new feature is being tested across all netflix markets. what kind of movies do they have anyway. >> all kind. >> do they. >> yeah. >> that is juicy. >> i didn't know. >> and then your kids get on netflix to watch kid movies and see recent activity. >> been there. having a hard time, keeping up with demand for
5:27 am
hopps thanks to the rise for craft beers. this brewer scott, says he has to contract with farmers for hopps a year in advance. he usually has to work things out with state farmers but now he is going locally, and he says this has its advantages. >> the the closer i can get ingredients, the better. not only does it save money but you know where it is coming from you get to talk to the people first hand and really get a feel for the product. one indiana farmer says demand is so high he consults certain ho pps for $15 a pound. all right. dawn of the planet of the apes still the fan favorite at the box office. >> the the movie earned another $36 million for second straight week now. it is keeping the the number one spot, despite a trio of new release that he is includes the purge and that opened up at number two planes, fires, rescue taking the number three spots. coming up, even the guys at kensington palace cannot
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resist playing theme to the popular tv show, we will show you what song got the royal treatment in the trend. but first a special case of the sea side heights boardwalk is going on the the auction block today.
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good morning, 5:30. despite many calls for peace, fighting continuing in gaza. the death toll is rising and secretary of state john kerry
5:31 am
is expect to go head to the middle east to push for a cease-fire. we are also following new developments in the crash of the malaysia jet liner, whom russian president vladamire putin is blaming this morning. police are looking for a hit and run driver in camden left one person in critical condition. we will have a live report. good day everyone. it is july 21st, 204. 5:31 is the time. lets do weather on the one's with sue serio on this monday, good morning. >> not a bad start after not a bad weekend n other words a good weekend and decent start today. bus stop buddy, out on the beach, he will spend a week with his family at the shore. he is building a sand castle down there and it looks comfortable with a few clouds this morning. the sun screen is ready for later on in the day. here are your weather by the numbers. it is an eight. we will have sunshine, seasonal temperatures but it will be more humid and we will have clouds around, at times, because of an easterly flow off of the ocean.
5:32 am
temperatures, 68 degrees here in the city but a comfortable 57 up in the poconos. sixty in wrightstown. that is in the bad, atlantic city has 61. do you see what i said, it is a decent morning. no rain in the region, and, for ultimate doppler. we're looking at some thunderstorms down in the southern virginia, and, will they come our way? probably not. the whole system is getting ready to pull off shore but we could see a few clouds, not a whole lot showing up on the future cast this morning so we will have a decent day and a rain free day. 68 degrees as we mentioned with 76 percent relative humidity, sunrise happening right now at 5:50, note that is sunrise is just a little later as these days start to get a little shorter. phillies start the series at home with the giants tonight. it will be a four game, four day series, 82 degrees for the first pitch tonight, and it should be pretty nice at the ballpark. it won't be excessively humid. will we have another heat wave
5:33 am
this week, we will have four last year and on this date last year we were finishing up a eight day heat wave. we have the possibility. we will talk about that later on. eighty-five is our high today. we will not start a heat wave today. tonight we are down to 07 with possibility of fog here and there. is there your fox cast from the weather authority. so kacie, what is up. >> same thing all morning, same accidents, thanks very much, sue. southbound side of 42 no huge slow down. right at 544. we had other construction but this just cleared. so good news this morning. northbound side of 202 at 76 east and devon park drive, it was blocking the the right lane. completely out of the way right now, guys? >> 5:33. breaking news we need to get to out of atlantic county, new jersey. search is continuing for a missing boater off the coast of longport. this boater went missing after a crash on the 11th avenue jetty. we have got a crew on the way to the scene. we will have updates as soon as they become available. meanwhile all eyes on the middle east as violence
5:34 am
between israel and hamas intensifying. u.s. security council calling for an even to the fighting. meanwhile this overnight video showing violence, dozens of people killed yesterday, death toll from palestinians now more than 400. about 20 israelis have been killed as well. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the offensive will continue for as long as necessary, to protect its citizens. >> our goal, it is not to hurt a single individual, not to hurt a single civilian, what they are doggies a double war crime that should be, it should be condemn with the most forceful act. >> secretary of state john kerry says he is planning to head to the middle east in the coming days. group of international investigators will in the go to the scene of the plane crash in ukraine until they are assured that there is security. meanwhile pro russian rebels are denying rebels are trying to tamper with evidence. russian president vladamire
5:35 am
putin is blaming others for exploiting this plane crash that killed nearly 298 people. >> here at home camden police identified a vehicle that they believed was involved in the hit and run over the weekend. one man is in critical condition right now. steve keeley is live with more, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, officers tell thus hit and run happened saturday night just past 9:00 o'clock in east camden and, within 24 hours police at police headquarters put out this 17 seconds surveillance clip of the white van they say critically hurt a man opening up the door of his car that happened to be parallel parked on the same street north 27th street where he was hit. now the the grain i black and white video is better than knowing and shows a white ford model van going down north 27th toward river avenue shortly after the accident, in the east camden section, police say they think there is likely front end damage on the passenger side of this van. video is not clear enough or close enough to show a license plate. now we shot our own video of
5:36 am
the scene here, saturday night just before 10:00 o'clock where this happened at north 27th and high street right in front of the maxwellness center which happened to be lit up, opened at the the time. the victim knocked out of his basketball shoes, critical from police and said he ace cross the street from police headquarters coincidently at cooper hospital. in other information put out by police publicly about the victim. we don't know his age, name or where is he from but also from east camden where he had his car parked and that was when police think that van is likely from or at least familiar with, this is not a section of camden like admiral wilson boulevard where somebody would be passing through. a lot of people think here in camden that somebody may know who owns this van, by just looking at that video. police are hoping for a good tip call this morning. >> so much to look into, steve keeley live for news camden, thank you. still ahead fans of the hit tv show got a special
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treat during the changing of the guard, at buckingham palace, we will tell you what song they played coming up in the trend. ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads.
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bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. happening today a community rallies to support the victims of the deadly southwest philadelphia fire. a benefit concert takes place tonight, at seventh and first baptist church, at seventh first and wood land avenues at 7:00 o'clock.
5:40 am
tragic fire claimed the lives of four kids during the july 4th weekend this past saturday the community held another benefit concert to raise awareness and donations. rasheeda stewart's home was damaged but she says she's staying. >> i'm going to be here for the children because i watched them grow up, and everything, so my support is with that family. so that is why i'm here. >> following the fire, members of the liberian immigrant community protested begins response time of fire officials to that scene. a fixture on the seaside heights boardwalk is scheduled for the auction block. >> 1910 carousal that weathered super storm sandy and then a major fire a year later, may be no more. the treasure along the boards at cat seen owe beach pier feature 58 hand carved figures and a historic organ. it is one of the few originals that remain in the entire country. if a buyer cannot be found, it will be auctioned this fall and there is no word on whether it will remain intact. chris murphy, of course, will
5:41 am
be live there this morning in the 9:00 o'clock hour to discuss the carousal's future. >> yeah. >> lets see what happens. >> interesting to go see. >> should be decent weather down the shore as well. >> will you place a bid. >> three million-dollar is what they are trying to get for the entire thing. >> but your backyard will be so popular. >> i have a 529b account to worry about. >> we're getting close to. that high pressure in control of our weather. high pressure off to the north east of that it does bring in air off the ocean, we may see a few clouds today. we had clouds over the weekend, we will watch this system to the south, spread something clouds into southern virginia, not affecting us at the moment and we will see what happens with that. that is what we are keeping an eye on. high and dry for today in the future cast, which shows, sunshine, it will be a little warmer and a little bit more humid then it was over the weekend, not excessive today but by tomorrow it is stuffy, and pretty sticky, once again, you knew it would happen.
5:42 am
so by wednesday, it is when we're really looking at, an area of rain, so some thunderstorms popping up, and that is because of a cold front that is coming through. we don't expect the actual frontal passage until maybe around midnight, wednesday, into thursday, but it could touch off some thunderstorms in the afternoon on wednesday. in the meantime we've got a decent morning. 65 degrees in allentown. sixty-six in lancaster. dover had 63. 57 degrees up in mount pocono. phillies playing tonight, lets hope for some improvement. we're always hoping, the giants coming to town for four games 82 degrees is our temperature when game begins. nice night at the ballpark. 89 degrees is where we are headed tomorrow. if we make it to 90 tomorrow and some places well, 92 on wednesday, and maybe hit 90 on thursday that would be a third heat wave of the year. but we are watching possibility of thunderstorms, again, wednesday, maybe even into early thursday morning and then a respite gannon friday and saturday and there
5:43 am
are indications of some thunderstorms in the the area, sunday afternoon. is there your seven day forecast, all right, kacie what is going on. >> just talking about construction, sue serio, a quiet monday morning which is fine. we like that it way lets keep that it way. northbound side of the i-95 between walt whitman bridge and columbus boulevard. we have one lane getting by. southbound side broad street to the bridge we have one lane getting by. only problem is that i cannot talk. north bound side of 55 between 47 and deptford the right shoulder was closed until, 6:00 a.m. we have 15 more
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. what do i say to phillies fan about this team? phillies gm reuben amaro should trade anyone on this team except cole hamels. yesterday in the a good game. lets go to atlanta phillies down two-one when braves scored four times. kyle kendrick, four-12 since lag last august hits two batters. ryne sandberg how can he be happen bye this. he walks two batters in the inning. that walks a run in. phillies down six-one. then alex wood, strikes out codey ash, four times he struck out. dominic brown twice. rain came. they finished up the game. atlanta wins eight-two. history in the british open in rory mcilroy had two stroke leading nothing to 18th. that is third shot on the par five. he has to two putt from there
5:47 am
for a par. beats sergio garcia by two strokes and beats tiger woods by 23 strokes. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. we have got a little bit more sports to talk b rory mcilroy's father, jerry, $170,000 richer this following his son's win. he a said in a news release that jerry place aid 500 to one bet on his son a decade ago to land the coveted, mug in ten years. two friends of rory's dad also collected on a similar wager. >> so when he made that bet, rory was about 15 years old. >> yes. >> he just knew. >> but his dad knew. >> he knew. >> yeah. >> they like to celebrate their victories in a bit of an interesting way. >> so triple a affiliate of the cincinnati reds like to take a team selfie. team reportedly takes one after every win. by the way, the team has a
5:48 am
50/50 record through 100 games. >> all right. >> so 5:47 right now. game of thrones theme getting a bit of the make over courtesy of the queen's guard of britain. >> i have not seen game of thrones but everyone that watches this, loves it. >> yeah, exactly. >> they are addicted to it. hbo series is so popular that the queen, perfect self, envies ted the set recently. we showed video of her walking up to the iron thrown. she doesn't sit but she was right there in the room. >> kacie, good morning to you. >> maybe the queen did some binge watching after that visit because now all of buckingham palace just can't keep quite about their love for the throwns. here's the show's opening credits. >> ♪
5:49 am
all right. now here's the performance by queen's guard which is pretty impressive. >> ♪ >> there is a more laid back selections, game of thrones theme is no strange tore imitation and has been remade several times before. one of the producers said she has seen them play other songs before but original comes from the guy who is credits include iron man, clash of the titans and pacific rim. so kind of a nice resume. >> yes. >> on a side note, i have been watched this show. lets tell us what you did this weekend. use the hash tag fox 29.
5:50 am
>> you hung out with family, um. >> i did. >> what did you do. >> hung out with mike and bob, friday night. >> is that you why are struggling still. >> no, i recovered saturday, and sunday. a new party trick forks prince george just in time for his first birthday. >> newly released photo showing future king walking. prince george turns one tomorrow. peter rabbit theme birthday party was held over weekend as his grandmother carol middleton is a party planner. she hosted that event. parents will be hosting another party for him at kensington palace, as well. >> all right. >> you are not into that, are you? i can tell. >> who cares. interesting thing for me that is little boy is one and he has no eye tea what is going on around him. congratulations to rocker adam le vine he is a married panama. >> ruin five front man married his victoria secret super model, over the weekend.
5:51 am
they wed in a ceremony in in mexico. >> he is the sexiest man alive according to peoples magazine. >> you don't like the look of him. >> he is all right. i'm sure our viewers would like to see his bride. >> yeah. >> anyway we digress. >> there are plenty of pictures on line. 275 guest is a tended, including robert downey, junior. >> i googled her. >> yes, her involvement in the 50 shades of gray movie. >> singer releasing clips of the trailer from her movie or for the movie on her instagram page. clip where is coupled with what sound like a different rendition of her craze any love song. the official 50 shades of gray trailer won't be released, until thursday but this wouldn't be the first time, that she gives her voice to a sound track. did you read the book. >> no. >> no. >> this is another movie that you will probably don't want on netflix.
5:52 am
>> yes, because my kids will see the history. >> yes. >> lets go to weather with sue serio. >> well, as i said when the books came out and i didn't make it a secret that i read the first two, it goodies to have a kindle, on the beach, you know, nobody can tell what you are reading. >> yes, good point. >> two was enough. i will say it, i said it before, i will say it again. it would be different if the books were written well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it is just not good writing. okay. lets take a look now i have got reviews of other things if you want to stick around. i saw a move think weekend i will give thaw review too. a few clouds around this morning. still comfortable. it is a rather pretty start to the day as you can see from the vantage point in olde city. we will have a mixture of clouds and sun and better at the beach then what it was over the weekend. we did have some complaints over the week bend cloudy skies. so by the middle of the week i should say heat and humidity will be building and we could
5:53 am
be experiencing heat wave number three, of 2014. it will be a close call though, kacie. heat wave number three. at least sue serio, you warned us, lets go out to what is going on the southbound side of 95 between broad street and walt whitman bridge n slow downs here this construction will be here for a while. northbound we have some construction and volume, one lane gets by in both directions. this will be a problem heading in to rush hour, we will of course keep you updated, kerry. 5:53 right now. coming up confessions of a shop a holik, why woman may not necessarily be the ones with a shopping addiction [ joel ] i'm billy joel, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. my favorite place is long island. it's an endless beach, from long beach, to montauk, to long island sound. with incredible fishing, teddy roosevelt's home, and the first port in the u.s. come discover your favorite part of new york.
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some breaking news out of atlantic county, new jersey, a search is underway for a missing boater in longport. we are looking live at the scene right now. we will have a lot more on this coming up in the 6:00 o'clock hour. a british survey finds that men are the ones who lie about their shopping habits. >> men hide or lie about their purchases, because, they don't want to get into an argument. survey found that nights out were the top secret purchases for men. study was commissioned by venture cloud a coupon and discount cloud code site. coming up, forget watering the lawn, some people just paint it. wait until you hear how this works. plus cell phone video capturing a hot air balloon falling from the sky, crashing into a neighborhood, the
5:57 am
explosion that set the whole thing off.
5:58 am
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good morning, two major developing stories overseas, u.n. demaping violence in the middle east stop immediately as the the death toll, continues to sore, thousands, forced to flee their homes. and family desperate for answers days after that pack malaysia airline jet was shot
6:00 am
down whom russian president putin is now blaming. plus search is on right now for the driver of, this white minivan, excuse me, accused of running down a pedestrian and then taking off, the clue that is could help track them down. plus cell phone video captures hot air balloon falling from the sky and crashing into a neighborhood, the explosion that caused it all. good morning, it is 6:00 o'clock this morning. we are off to a beautiful weekend. >> yes, happy monday everyone. >> sue is here with the check of the weather. >> it was a decent weekend weather-wise, we have had complaints of cloudiness at the shore, we have a much better day to daze. if this is your week of vacation i think you'll like it. we will assign number eight today because we will feel more humid by end of the day. we will have cloudy times as well otherwise sunshine, seasonal temperatures, bus stop buddy is at the beach this week. a few clouds, still comfortable with temperatures in the 60's and he with


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